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Bleeding a Master Cylinder the Master Power Brakes Way

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Jun 29, 2018 4:38:51 PM

If you are a person that enjoys bleeding a master cylinder, you are a rarity!! The traditional method of bleeding a master cylinder involves a pair of rubber hoses that have to go from the ports on the master cylinder up and into the reservoir. Invariably, as soon as you start the process, one of the hoses pops out and slings brake fluid all over the shop and that is when you wish there was another way.

Well fear not, there is. With every disc brake conversion kit that we sell, we include a Syringe Bleeder Kit (don’t worry……..we sell it separately as well). What our kit allows is rather than pulling the fluid through the master cylinder and then feeding it back in over and over, the syringe allows you to inject the fluid into the ports and simply push the air out. Air naturally wants to rise anyways so that is only helping the situation.

Bleeder Image

To operate, partially fill the reservoirs of the master cylinder and then suck the fluid out using the syringe. Once you have a syringe full of fluid, firmly press the rubber tip against the port location one at a time. In each instance you should slowly inject the brake fluid into the master cylinder. Inside you will see a steady stream of bubbles in the fluid. As you continue the stream of bubbles will turn into a steady stream of fluid. Once this transition occurs that portion of the master cylinder has been bled. repeat this process on other port and you are finished.

Syringe brake bleeder

An additional benefit of the Syringe Bleeder Kit is you can do this at your work bench in a bench vise or in the car providing you have enough room to get the syringe into the vehicle. Remember, if you do it in the car, fluid will likely drip from the ports once finished. As a precaution be sure to put a wet towel below the master cylinder to absorb any dripping brake fluid.Got Questions?  Speak With A Specialist Now!

So there you have it, a much simpler way of bleeding a master cylinder that doesn’t require the work or the mess. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call or leave your questions or comments below.



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