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Remote Mounted Brake Boosters: Vacuum Booster Solutions For Cramped Engine Compartments

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Jun 24, 2014 12:59:45 PM

A commonly heard complaint from people and in particular street rod builders is that they really want to enjoy the benefits of a vacuum booster. So you ask…………“What is the problem?” More often than not, the problem is simply a lack of space. Think about it, you have a street rod with the master cylinder mounted to the frame rail under the car. Right next to the master cylinder is the exhaust system or some other barricade. Or you are building a muscle car with some massive engine in a car where a four-cylinder was tight. There is probably barely enough room to secure the master cylinder.

So what does a guy do? One option is a Remote Mounted Brake Booster. What is this you ask? Just like the name implies, a Remote Mounted Brake Booster is a power brake booster that typically mounts in the trunk of the vehicle.

Master Power Brakes Expert

The next logical question is, “How does it work?”   There are two versions available: single and dual diaphragm units. The single diaphragm unit works well in a disc front and drum rear brake system. The dual diaphragm unit is designed for a four-wheel disc brake system. Vacuum is still needed to operate the system so a vacuum source, such as the engine, is plumbed into the booster using a conventional vacuum hose. From there, brake lines are plumbed from the master cylinder to the booster unit and then onto the remaining parts of the brake system. This gives the proper assist needed along with the comfortable feeling of a power brake booster.


Single Diaphragm Remote Brake Booster – BS1010K




Dual Diaphragm Remote Brake Booster – BS1011K


There you have it…….a way to get the comfort of a power brake system in a vehicle that seemingly doesn’t have the room to allow it. If you have any questions, give our sales or technical team a call and they will gladly lend assistance.

Remote Mounted Brake Boosters Available From Master Power Brakes

Universal Single Diaphragm Remote Mounted Brake Booster (P/N BS1010K)
Universal Dual Diaphragm Remote Mounted Brake Booster (P/N BS1011K)

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