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Combination Valve Bleeder Kit

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on May 31, 2018 9:07:06 AM

What does this little white thing do? This is a question we hear on a regular basis when a customer is looking through all of the components that are included within the Combination Valve Kit. The answer is a Combination Valve Bleeder Tool. The next question generally goes something like “Why do I need this?” Read on a little and we will tell you.

HW3350-Insert-LargeA common scenario when bleeding the brakes on a vehicle using a Combination Valve is known as “Tripping the Valve”. This is when the pressure on the front becomes greater than the rear or the opposite of greater on the rear greater than the front. When this happens, the pressure differential valve moves to one side or the other and at this point, there is going to be a loss of line pressure on either the front or rear depending on which way the valve moved. Once this happens, you have to un-trip the valve by pumping the brakes and opening the bleeder screw on the opposite side trying to get the valve to move in the opposite direction. Un-tripping the valve can be a challenging and time-consuming process for even the most seasoned mechanic.

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For that reason, we recommend that you take the extra time to remove the switch and insert 

Valve 2

the Combination Valve Bleeder Tool (aka the little white plastic part) before you start to bleed the brakes. We include the tool in every Combination Valve Kit we sell and if you don’t have one, we recommend one in every tool box belonging to every mechanic.

You can purchase the tool by simply Clicking Here.

Check out the video to understand even more on how this simple little tool works.



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