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A Special Holiday Visit at Master Power Brakes

Posted by mpbrakes1 on Nov 24, 2015 2:52:06 PM

Master Power Brakes probably isn't very different from most companies when it comes to our daily activities and all the standard things that happen. However, every once in a while, things happen that leave us scratching our heads. Recently we had one of those moments.

Apparently, a fellow with whom we're all familiar had received several requests for MPB products.  Rather than simply having us ship out the items, this fellow decided to drop in to fill the requests himself.

Imagine our surprise one recent morning when the front door opened and in walked the one and only Santa Clause!! That’s right…………..Santa recently paid us a visit. We sure are glad everybody was in “good” mode when he surprised us.

After doing a little work in the shop and pulling some parts, Santa loaded a bunch of items into a white Corvette and drove off. We weren’t privileged to see the names Santa Claus had on his list, but we do hope you have been more nice than naughty.

Before he left MPB, Santa encouraged us to come up with a way to help people who might not have made his list. We ALWAYS want to follow Santa's advice - therefore, during December, if you order online or by phone and mention the promo code you can find in the gallery below, we’ll extend to you a little Santa cheer he left for everyone!! Merry Christmas!!

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