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Rear Brake Kits: More Reasons to Buy From Master Power Brakes

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on May 29, 2014 10:16:31 AM

At MP Brakes, we  understand that you have many choices when converting your car from drum to disc brake technology, so we are constantly looking for new ways to earn and keep your business.  Over the past months, we have been hard at work adding new products and lowering prices on our rear brake kits, making our products an even better value.

HWC2500 Parking Brake CablesUniversal E-Brake Cable Kits
Let’s start with the parking brake.  Sure, this item isn’t the sexiest part of your brake system, but it can be a thorn in your side, and here’s why:  although our rear brake kits have always included pre-set E-brake cables, rear end and suspension modifications can render pre-set parking brake cables too long or short for some applications.  This is why we now offer a universal e-brake cable kit that can be set to custom length by the installer.

Part Number HWC2500, which retails for $145, is our universal emergency brake cable kit for Legend Series Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits.  For the Pro-Driver Series Rear Conversion Kits, check out Part Number HWC2501, which sells for $180.00.  Both of these items are available as separate add-ons when you purchase a rear disc brake conversion kit from our website, as shown below:

universal parking brake kit as check out option


Each parking brake kit includes:

  • Qty 2 - 5' Universal Park Brake Cables w/Black Housing
  • Qty 2 - Cable Connectors
  • Necessary hardware for installation

Put another way, because our  parking brake kits are “universal”, they are make/model/year specific, just like everything else we sell.

Lower Prices
The buried lead story here isn’t just our new, universal e-brake cable kit.  We’ve also reduced the prices on all of our rear disc brake conversion kits, which more than covers the add-on cost for the new parking brake cable kit.  We aren’t talking about a limited time sale here folks—these price reductions are significant and they are here to stay.  If you have been putting off buying new rear disc brakes for your classic car due to cost, visit us online and start saving today!
More Choices
About a year ago, we launched our new, e-commerce enabled website which made it easier than ever to do business with us.  The project was a huge job, so we started with our most popular kits.  Since this time, we have been adding the remainder of our rear and front disc brake conversion kits to our website, so if you have previously visited us online and failed to see the kit for your make/model/year take another look--chances are good we can set you up and save you the hassle of making a call.

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