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Shop News: Brake System Upgrades for 1962 Impala

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Mar 31, 2014 8:51:32 AM

1962 Impala

To kick off the launch of our newest disc brake conversion kits, the guys in the shop have been busy doing a special install on a gorgeous 1962 Impala. To provide the braking performance and style the owner desired, we installed our front Rallye Series along with our Pro Driver system for the rear brakes. All of this fit nicely within our customer’s existing 15” American Racing wheels. Curious why we chose a Pro Driver on the rear and the Rallye Series on the front? In the end, part of this decision boiled down to marketing. Our Rallye Series is designed to work within a 15” wheel. The rear Pro Driver uses an internal park brake requiring a slightly larger 12” rotor. Because of that, we have to be careful when a customer has 15” wheels. We find that most but not  all will fit. In this case, we had plenty of room as far as the diameter but had to use a ½” wheel spacer to obtain proper clearance. The great thing about the Pro Driver is we have a template that can be used by the customer to see what will and won’t work before purchasing anything. The rest of the decision two use two different styles of brake kits was based on customer requirements. For the rear of this ’62 Impala, the owner wanted to make sure he was going to have all of the stopping ability he could handle. This is why installed one of our Pro Driver Rear Disc Brake Conversions (p/n: DB4735BR) for the rear end of the car.

As the photos below suggest, the new system is going to turn some heads, but you may be wondering, how do our brakes perform on this full sized classic? If you are curious to see the difference between four wheel drum brakes and the newly installed four wheel disc brake system, you will love next month’s video demonstrating the before and after performance. Be sure to keep close tabs on this story as the results are truly amazing!


impala brake upgrade installation Brake Upgrade In Progress



62 imapala fron brakes before Front Drum Brakes Before Upgrade





impala rear brakes before Rear Drum Brakes







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