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Converting the 1965 Ford Mustang to Front Disc Brakes

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Nov 4, 2013 2:07:44 PM

Converting your 1965 Mustang from drum to front disc brakes is a weekend upgrade project that will improve braking reliability and performance for years.  Like most muscle cars from this era, the 1965 Ford Mustang came equipped with drum brakes off the assembly line.  There are some enthusiasts who insist on keeping their cars as close to the original look and feel as possible – and we get that. 

1965 ford mustang front brakes 

At the same time, there are a number of reasons why folks convert from drum to front disc brakes. 

Why Convert Drum Brakes to Disc Brakes?

Drum brakes need regular adjustment and are more susceptible to damage from heat, moisture, and debris. These few things lead to one simple fact: front drum brakes offer less stopping power. If this isn’t enough of a reason to push you over the edge to tackle this relatively easy modification, think about how much cooler those shiny new brakes will look behind your wheels.


Ford Mustang Front Brakes

At Master Power Brakes, we specialize in make/model/year specific front disc brake conversion kits that are designed specifically for your 1965 Mustang.  Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission with power or manual brakes, we have a kit that will fit your needs and budget.

Legend Series
Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit
65 Mustang

Budget-Friendly Options

For the value minded shopper, our Legend Series front disc brake conversion kits for the 1965 Mustang may just fit the bill.  Starting at just $889.00, the Legend Series is a complete brake system that features OEM style cast-iron calipers and vented rotors.  MP Brakes has four different conversion kits for 65 Mustangs.

Rallye Series
1965 Ford Mustang


For More Pizazz

For Mustang owners looking to finish off a new wheel package with something shinier or more modern and offer more braking, consider our Rallye Series Conversion kit. This system converts original drum brakes to disc brakes using a high quality Made-in-the-USA CNC Machined 4-piston billet aluminum caliper and mounting brackets along with the added benefits of slotted and drilled rotors.  This upgrade gives a distinct, modern performance look and feel that offers increased performance over the Legend Series but still allows use of your stock 15” wheels.


65 Mustang Rallye Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Automatic Transmission (Kit #DB2550P)

65 Mustang Rallye Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Manual Transmission (Kit #DB2551P)

65 Mustang Rallye Manual Disc Brake Conversion Kit (Kit #DB2530M)

65 Mustang Rallye Front Wheel Conversion only (Kit #DB2510B)






Pro Driver Series
65 Mustang
for Front End Disc Brake Conversions





Pro Driver Series - Made in the USA!

The above two product lines are designed and engineered to fit within a confine of a 15” wheel. Well, 15” wheels are not for everyone. For that crowd we offer something a little more in our Pro Driver Series. With this option, you get a massive Made-in-the-USA 4-piston CNC machined billet aluminum caliper combined with a 13” slotted, drilled and zinc washed finish gives a user a great braking potential with crowd stopping good looks.

65 Mustang Pro Driver Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Automatic Transmission
(Kit #DB45211PA)

65 Mustang Pro Driver Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Manual Transmission
(Kit #DB45211PS)

65 Mustang Pro Driver Manual Disc Brake Conversion Kit
(Kit #DB45211M)

65 Mustang Pro Driver Front Wheel Conversion only
(Kit #D4521B)


Treat Your Car to High-Quality Brakes You Can Depend On

MP Brakes makes converting your 65 Mustang’s old front drum brakes to powerful front disc brakes easy and affordable.  Don’t compromise braking performance or safety with disc brake conversion kits that may not stop your car when you need it the most. Worse yet, don’t spend week-ends cruising to swap meets looking for old brake components that may have been damaged when they were salvaged. 

If you are like most of our loyal customers, your Mustang is your baby, so treat yourself to the best in aftermarket performance.  New brakes are one of the first mods you should consider…and a model specific kit with everything you need to upgrade your brakes is only a click or call away. 

Wondering if you can tackle the job?

Diagnose a hard brake pedal


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