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GM Manual & Power Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Posted by rick on Oct 12, 2012 11:57:33 AM

Do you have a 1964 to 1972 Chevelle with drum brakes? How about a first generation Camaro in need of a brake upgrade? A '68-'74 Nova that doesn’t stop like it should? Our GM Front Disc Brake Kits can make all your brake troubles go away.

This line of kits (part numbers DB1741) provides simple bolt-in solutions for vintage GM models, which have similar spindles but differ in other aspects.

 GM Manual & Power Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit
Fully Assembled Disc Brake Conversion Kit

We developed all of the necessary components for each brake application and put them together -- spindle, rotor, backing plate, caliper and bracket -- as a complete driver- and passenger-side assembly. Everything is done for you and ready to install: the bearings are greased, the hardware is torqued and ready to go. All that's required is installation of your factory steer arms and the brake hoses.

GM Manual & Power Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit
Power Brake Booster with Master Cylinder

A complete booster/master assembly for your application is included, should you want to go with power brakes. For manual brakes, a master cylinder is included. Either way, the appropriate combination valve is sent along with everything else in the kit.

Combination Valve Kit
Combination Valve Kit

Let Master Power Brakes bring your classic car's brakes to the level of quality and reliability you expect. Call today 1-800-397-2076 for more information about our aftermarket disc brake conversion kits.

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