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Mopar Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Posted by rick on Nov 26, 2012 10:34:59 AM

Master Power Brakes offers a complete line of Disc Brake Conversion Kits for the Mopar applications. We can supply with you with a disc brake kit for Mopars as far back as 1935 and all the way up through the early 1970’s.

Our most popular conversion kits for are for Mopar 60’s and 70’s A, B, and E-body cars. For the B-body and the E-body cars, conversion kits include new spindles, caliper brackets, single piston OE style Mopar calipers with brake pads, backing plates, bearings, hardware, seals and rubber brake hoses. The beauty of these kits is that they come completely assembled and ready to install on your vehicle.

Mopar Brake Kit A, B, & E-body Fully Assembled A, B, & E-Body Mopar Brake Kit

Need a conversion kit for an A-body application?  No problem! You get everything mentioned above plus a set of upper control arms to complete the installation. Of course, all of the Mopar kits can be set up as manual brakes and include the master cylinder and combination valve or as a power brake kit which will also include the brake booster.

We even have you covered if you have a C-body Mopar. These kits are slightly different than mentioned above but still provide a complete bolt-on solution. If we haven’t mentioned your vehicle, don’t sweat it as custom kits are always an option and we can help you there as well.

The bottom line is we are the leaders in Mopar model specific brake kits. If you want to stop your Mopar with a bolt-on disc brake conversion kit, then stop at Master Power Brakes.  For technical assistance, pricing, or to place an order, contact the Mopar brake specialists at Master Power Brakes today!

Mopar A, B, E Body Brakes Same Mopar brake kit as above, shown disassembled



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