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Should I Update My Classic Car?

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Dec 11, 2013 8:42:04 AM

This is one of those age old, heated debates with no right or wrong answer.  At the end of the day, the decision to upgrade your car depends on a variety of factors.  Is your car a daily driver or a trailer queen that hitches rides to shows?  Is your classic one of those rare, numbers matching originals?   How important is resale value?  Safety?

If you own a rare, matching numbers original that is either never driven or driven very rarely, one can make a good case for leaving things as is.  Original happens just once, and keeping your car completely stock will protect your investment and preserve a little slice of Americana for future generations. There is something to be said for assembly line authenticity.

Classic car enthusiasts with drivers often try to maintain original appearance while making the most of new technology.  Upgrading the suspension, exhaust, AC systems, wheels, tires, and brakes are all common for this group. We feel very passionately about this last potential modification because your braking system keeps you and your passengers, along with those sharing the road with you safe.  It’s no secret that old muscle car brake systems are woefully inadequate for today’s driving conditions.  Press the brake pedal once and you pull to the left but the next press has you pulling to the right. To add to the fun, try stopping several times in a row and feel how much the brakes start to fade. Then you throw in a nearby driver texting on a cell phone into the mix, and things happen.  Most everyone around you is driving a modern vehicle with modern brakes and functionality and does not even understand what your classic car might be like. That other driver stopping in front of you will stop quicker than you will….how quickly will your classic ride stop with factory original drum brakes?

At MP Brakes, we understand that each owner has different tastes and needs when it comes to brake upgrade kits.  This is why we offer a variety of different choices to suit your specific needs and budget.  For the value oriented shopper that wants to keep an original look, our Legend Series, which features OEM style cast-iron calipers and vented rotors, is often a perfect fit.  Owners looking for a more modern package with even better stopping capability often choose our Rallye Series Conversion Kit which blends performance with an edgy look that is sure to turn some heads all while still keeping that 15” stock wheel. One of our guys recently upgraded his dad's  ’68 Chevrolet Nova with the Rallye Series....more horsepower and some other improvements meant it was time for more braking power!  In addition we also offer the Pro Driver Series for the ultimate in looks behind bigger wheels and as much braking performance as you will ever need.

At the end of the day, the decision to upgrade a classic car is a highly personal choice that can only be made after carefully considering the condition of the vehicle and its use, resale value, and concerns over safety and performance.  And remember, many vehicle modifications, including the brake system, can be made while preserving your car’s original look.  If you have questions about modifying your classic car’s brake system, give us a call at 888-249-9332 or drop us a quick note.  We’ll be glad to make recommendations that will keep you safe and preserve the classic look of your car!

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