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Tech Tip: Don't Forget The Tools For The Brake Lines!

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on May 31, 2019 3:37:35 PM

Much of what we like about a well-built street rod or muscle car can be considered art. From the exterior paint to a custom leather interior or even the high-performance engine, everything takes a skilled craftsman and an ability to make things happen at a high level. Many of these people should rightfully be considered artists.

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No matter what system we look at within our favorite hot rod, one thing can be guaranteed and that is that nothing that is viewed as art can be built without the proper tools. Brake and fuel line fabrication is just one of those many systems that can look so cool. At the same time, if it is done incorrectly, it can look like an absolute mess. At Master Power Brakes, we understand this and carry many of the best tools available to fabricate brake and fuel lines for your project. Read below for an assortment of the products that we carry that can help you create some art.
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AC70092-LargeOne of the very first things that is needed is a flaring tool. These can vary wildly from something simple to something much more elaborate. If you are looking for something simple as you know you won’t be doing this kind of work very often, take a look at our Mechanical Double Flaring Tool Set. This is a very basic tool that can produce a proper 45-degree double flare on any hardline from 3/16” up to 1/2" and a single flare up to 5/8” tubing. It even includes the Heavy-Duty Tubing Cutter that we sell individually making this a great entry level or beginner package. As a complement to the included Heavy-Duty Tubing Cutter, we also have available the Mini-Tubing Cutter for those places where the larger tubing cutter will not fit and space is at a premium.


AC71475-NormalIf you know you are going to be using a flaring tool on a somewhat regular basis, we would highly recommend one of our hydraulic flaring tools. There are two different versions available. The first is the Hydra-Flare Double Flaring Tool Set and the other is the Deluxe Hydra-Flare Double Flaring Tool Set. They both start out with a hand held hydraulic tool that holds the appropriate size of heads for the tubing size you might be flaring. After a couple of pumps on the handle, an OE style flare is produced on the hard line. Just like the mechanical version, this will create a double flare on hard line tubing from 3/16” up to 1/2" and a conventional single flare on 3/16” tubing all of the way up to 5/8” tubing. In addition, you will have the ability to create the popular Push Connect Fittings in tubing from 1/4” to 3/8”. Stepping up to the Deluxe version gives you the ability to create GM Fuel Line adapters along with Metric Bubble Flares.

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ACP51-Side-Large-1No matter what flaring tool you have, the flare can always be made better. For that, we carry the complete line of Koul Tools Line Lapping Tools. These are great tools that can be used to make the flare on the hard line that much better reducing almost any chance of a leak. They are available in 3 different versions. The first is the 45-Degree Mini Lapper which will allow you to make a perfect seat on both 3/16” and 1/4" tubing. We also have available the same tool but in a 37-degree version for someone using AN fittings in their project. Either of the mini lapping tools are a great addition to a person’s toolbox if there is a better than average chance that they are only going to be doing the smaller lines. If you are going to be doing lines upwards of 1/2", then we would recommend moving up to the full SureSeat Line Lapper Kit that does both 37- and 45-degree flares.


LN1200-LN1201-LargeNow that we have discussed all of the options of tools, don’t forget about the other items needed to make a complete brake line project be just that, complete. We offer a really easy to use Copper-Nickel tubing available in either 3/16” as part number LN1200 or 1/4” outside diameter as part number LN1201. The Copper-Nickel Tubing is very easy to work with from both a bending and a flaring standpoint and comes in a 25-foot roll which should be enough to plumb a brake system in most vehicles. In addition, we offer both a 22-piece and a 60-piece fitting kit that will assist in completing your project.


If you have any further thoughts, questions or concerns be sure to give us a call toll free at (888) 351-8781. We are always here to help.   

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