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11” Rear Drum Brake Upgrade Kits For GM and Ford

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Feb 24, 2013 6:44:50 AM

When sized correctly, drum brakes can still be effective for some applications. Although there are benefits to disc brake systems, not everyone prefers to upgrade disc brakes due to the desire for the original drum brake look. Disc brakes should always be the preferred stopping method for the front of your vehicle but when it comes to the rear brake system, we have an option for you.

The drawback and downside to drum brakes is their inability to dissipate heat. By the nature of the design, the brake drum surrounding the shoe doesn’t allow heat to exit the system. For situations where aggressive braking is required (e.g., a track car or a vehicle that is being auto-crossed), there are better options. At the same time, if the vehicle you are building is being built for general driving, then keeping your rear drums and upgrading to our 11” Drum kit is a great option.


DR1700K Pictured – GM 10/12 Bolt Applications


Our rear drum upgrade kit consists of new 16ga stamped steel backing plates, 11” finned brake drums along with all new hardware and brake shoes. To give the best braking potential, we use a large 1” bore wheel cylinder. The kit comes completely assembled and only requires that the backing plates be bolted to your rear axle and attach the brake lines.

We offer this package for the GM 10/12 bolt rear axle along with two Ford rear axles, both the Small Bearing Ford flange and the New Style Late Ford flange (aka Torino flange). The kits are priced at $520.00 offering disc brake function at half the cost.




Thanks to our rear drum upgrade kits, you can combine greater safety with a classic look and feel that remains true to the spirit of your classic ride.  

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