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How to Customize & Pre-Order the Billet X Master Cylinder Today

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Sep 15, 2021 3:53:19 PM


It’s here! 

You can now pre-order Master Power Brakes’ new Billet X Master Cylinder. It’s becoming quite popular among our classic car customers. 

Here’s what you should know about the features, customization, and preordering of this brake master cylinder.

What Are the Features of the Billet X Master Cylinder?

Let’s begin with the standard features of the Billet X Master Cylinder: bottom ports, multiple lid options, and assorted finish styles.

Bottom Ports vs. Side Ports

The best feature of the Billet X Master Cylinder is the location of the ports. They come out the bottom instead of the side. Your brake lines will go straight down instead of weaving around the brake master cylinder. Opening up the area around the component will give your engine compartment a clean, finished look.

The ports as machined into the master cylinder are a standard ⅜”-24 inverted flare port. We include a stainless steel adapter to adapt over to a -3 AN fitting.

Closeup of bottom ports with fittings

Multiple Lid Options

You’re not limited to one lid option with the Billet X Master Cylinder. Whether you like the classic look of the finned lid, the sleekness of the stepped lid, or the simplicity of the screw-in lids, you get to pick which one you want. 

Assorted Finish Styles

You also get to choose from three finishes: black anodized, natural shot-peened aluminum—which gives a really cool cast aluminum look—and polished. Picking from these styles is another way to customize the Billet X Master Cylinder and make it your own. 

Billet X Master Cylinder with screw-in lids shown with optional two-tone Cerakote finish

How Can I Further Customize the Billet X Master Cylinder?

Right now, you can go to our website, pick out your lid style, finish, and bore size, then pre-order a Billet X Master Cylinder. If you have some other ideas up your sleeve, call the experts at Master Power Brakes. We can make each part of the brake master cylinder a different color or finish to compliment your unique look.


Billet X Master Cylinder with finned lid shown in standard shot peen finish

What Are People Saying About the Billet X Master Cylinder?

Customers love the looks of our new brake master cylinder. The folks at Greening Auto Company have been trying for years to blend ugly brake boosters within engine compartments. The combination of the Carbon X Brake Booster and the Billet X Master Cylinder solves this problem.

“Thanks to the crew at Master Power Brakes, we can start the planning and design of the engine bay with the sleek carbon boosters they’re making. Coupled with the new carbon booster, you can’t go wrong with the brake line exit location and looks of Master Power Brakes’ new master cylinders.” — Jesse Greening, Greening Auto Company

When Can I Order a Billet X Master Cylinder?

If you’d like to make the Billet X Master Cylinder one of your classic car upgrades, we’re taking standard pre-orders now on the website, or you can call us at 1-800-472-4181 with special customization requests. These parts will start shipping out toward the middle of October.

Billet X Master Cylinder with stepped lid shown in a polished finish with an optional engine-turned stainless steel insert (p/n: HW9505-2)

Customize & Pre-Order the Billet X Master Cylinder

Now you know the best features of the Billet X Master Cylinder and how you can customize this part to fit your classic car’s style.

With bottom ports that enhance the look of your engine compartment and so many options for lids, finish, and color, you’ll have everyone at the next car show asking where you got your brake master cylinder.

Have any questions about the Billet X Master Cylinder? Contact the experts at Master Power Brakes today.

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