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MPB All-in-One Brake Diagnostic Kit featured in Mustang Monthly

Posted by rick on Oct 23, 2012 11:45:08 AM

The process of bleeding brakes has never been one that many people enjoy. The October 2012 issue of Mustang Monthly has a great article on the topic that should take the headache out of completing this task. With the help of Mustang Monthly's tool recommendations and time-saving tips, you'll learn how to wrestle stuck bleeder screws, eliminate the need for a second person to pump the brakes, and determine if your brake fluid has gone bad.

You'll know when a rubber mallet is called for and what direction to bleed your brake circuit.

Brake Diagnostic Kit

Mentioned in the article is a product that we think every shop should own: Master Power Brakes Brake Diagnostic Kit (p/n: AC2004KX). This tool (pictured) is a valuable investment for troubleshooting performance problems in your braking system. It includes the following items:

  • Hydraulic brake pressure test gauge
  • Vacuum gauge and hose adapter
  • Various line adapters and bleeder adapters
  • Booster/master pin depth gauge
  • Brake syringe bleeder

At Master Power Brakes we have a wide selection of tools to make servicing your brake system components easier. Our Brake Diagnostic Kit will come in handy when you give your system a good once-over prior to bleeding your brakes, as suggested by Mustang Monthly. This could pinpoint other issues that could be mistaken for air in the brake system.


Other great tips from the article:

  • - Spare yourself the mess of the "fill and plunge" bench bleeding method by using a brake bleeding tool.
  • - For gravity bleeding, when you open all the bleeder screws and leave the system to bleed, it is advised to use a vacuum pump rather than the old foot pumping method.
  • - Even better is reverse bleeding. On the market are several all-metal or lightweight nylon reverse brake bleeder tools for the job.

If you have any questions, give us a call.

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