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Spring Forward With Preventative Brake Maintenance

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Mar 19, 2015 4:10:41 PM

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The snow is melting over much of the country, and spring is finally in the air.   If you have spent a long, hard winter dreaming about taking a spin in your classic car, the waiting is almost over. The key to a successful first outing is preparation, and we have a plan to get you safely back out on the road where you belong.

We always recommend brake service as a part of your winterizing routine, but even seasoned car owners slack off now and then. Some of the steps outlined below are not necessary if you performed them prior to storing your car for winter. That said, if you fell into slacker mode last fall, you’ll want to follow each of these steps below to ensure safe operation of your vehicle.

Flush the Brake System—Remember, brake fluid attracts moisture into the system. This can happen when the cap is removed, through the vent in the master cylinder lid, and even through older rubber brake hoses with pores in the rubber that are small enough to allow air in but not large enough to let fluid out. You can’t prevent air from entering the brake system but draining old fluid and replacing it with fresh, dry brake fluid will ensure reliable operation of the system.

Bleed Brakes–Once the flush is complete, fill the system with a high-quality brake fluid such as the Pentosin and bleed the brakes. Taking this step creates a dry system that fights the rust that can harm your brakes.

Inspect The Parking Brake Assembly–When prepping for winter storage, many folks set the parking brake to aid in the process of jacking the car up and then forget to release it. If you made this mistake, inspect for hardware fatigue and make sure the pads did not fuse to the rotors.

In addition to these three steps, now is the time to tackle brake work before the weather warms up!  If you stored your car knowing the vehicle required additional brake work but held off because the garage was too cold, we get it—but get busy.  If you already have your parts, do the install or make arrangements with your mechanic.  If you need individual parts or a complete system upgrade, give us a call or visit our website at

Planning ahead by performing routine brake maintenance and system repairs/upgrades gives you the best chance to get cruising as soon as the weather warms up. See you on the road soon!

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