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Print Your Own Wheel Bolt Pattern Guide

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on May 30, 2016 3:45:00 AM

Have you ever asked yourself this question, "What is the bolt pattern of my wheels?" We recently asked ourselves the same question and it made us to realize that customers might not actually understand how to measure a 5-lug wheel bolt pattern. So we thought it might be a great idea to both explain how to take wheel stud measurements, and also provide a simple tool so customers wouldn't need to worry about getting measurements correct going forward.

Download Our Wheel Bolt Power Guide HereUnderstanding Your Vehicle's Bolt Patterns

Your bolt pattern indicates how many bolt holes or studs are on your vehicle, and how far apart they are spaced. When someone references a bolt pattern of 5 x 4-3/4” for example, the numbers give two very important tidbits of information. The first is "5" in this example. This tells you exactly how many studs are on the rotor or how many holes are in the wheels. The second piece of information is the 4-3/4”. This is the diameter of the circle formed by the lug studs.  Note: this number can also be expressed in a metric format in some instances.

When measuring a 4-lug, a 6-lug or even an 8-lug, the process is very simple. Measure from center of one hole to the center of the opposite hole.

How to Measure 5-Lug Wheel Bolt Pattern

Wheel Bolt Pattern

Skip one hole! Measure from the center of the
first hole to the outside edge of the second hole.

A 5-lug pattern is where things can get confusing. If you don’t have the template handy, you measure from the center of any hole, skip a hole in either direction and then measure to the outside edge of that hole.

Now that you know how to measure lug bolt patterns, here is a simple little tool to keep in your shop. Some companies sell them in plastic but a paper one works just fine.

Wheel Bolt Pattern Guide (PDF) - Download and Print Out at 100%

Download Our Wheel Bolt Power Guide Here

Print Out at 100%!

To use, follow these steps:

  1. Print the template. Be sure to set your printer settings to either 100% or Actual Size.

  2. With some idea of the template in mind, cut out the holes of the same color. Each color represents a common bolt pattern.

  3. Place the template over the studs or line the holes up with the wheel.

  4. Done!

With this template in your possession, you should never have a question again in the future of what bolt spacing do I have. You're welcome!

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