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Upgrade Your Truck with our New Legend Series Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Sep 4, 2020 5:10:00 PM

Update your truck

Good news for all you truck enthusiasts out there that own Chevrolet OBS trucks………We’ve created a new rear disc brake conversion kit just for you. Inspired by our Legend Series Brake Conversion Kits for Cars, we are excited to announce the new Legend Series and Legend Series HP Truck Conversion Kits. These assembly kits offer a great improvement over any stock drum brake option. For about the same cost as rebuilding old drum brakes, you can upgrade your truck to disc brakes and enjoy better performance and enhanced safety. 

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Vehicle Applications: Make and Model

If you’re the owner of a select model of Chevy truck, GMC truck, Chevy Tahoe, GMC Suburban, or GMC Yukon, this rear disc conversion kit will work for your build. Specifically, these kits are applicable to the following makes and models:

Wheel Options

Regardless of your wheel selection, we have a rear disc brake conversion kit that will work for you. 

The basic Legend Series option is going to satisfy any possible wheel scenario for wheel sizes 15” and larger. This would be a great option if you are running a stock wheel and tire combo or maybe a cool set of 15” Rally Wheels.

The Legend Series HP Plus is your best option if you are running a wheel package that is larger than 17” as it comes with a 13” rotor. It will be standard with a slotted and drilled rotor and look the best behind a larger open wheel.


New Legend Series Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit


Taking some of what has worked well from the OEM’s and their new technology, we have applied that logic to our rear disc brake conversion kits. We are able to use a modern caliper found originally on some late-model Ford applications.. This caliper utilizes a smaller piston size that balances better with a stock front brake or with an aftermarket multi piston option.. The caliper is a floating style, which allows for better movement and efficiency.

In addition to the technical aspects, you get a great looking caliper with it’s silver zinc finish. There isn’t any reason to paint or powdercoat as the bright silver finish will last for years.

Park Brake Assembly

A challenge with many kits is setting the park brake assembly in the caliper. Initial set-up is a pain, plus the park brake must be periodically reset every so often. 

With our rear disc brake conversion kits, you can adjust the park brake assembly with a simple pull of the park brake assembly at initial installation. From that point forward, the caliper stays in adjustment by simply pushing the brake pedal. 


Installation on your stock rear axle is a direct bolt-on with no modifications required. To get the proper system, you will need to know which rear axle and brake option you have on your vehicle. All of the systems are designed to work on either 2-wheel drive (5-lug) or 4-wheel drive (6-lug) and will require the measuring of the stock rear drum brakes which will measure either a 10” or an 11” drum.


DB1796BR Shown Above

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