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65-72 B-Body & 70-74 E-Body Mopar Rallye Series Disc Brake Conversion Kits

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Mar 1, 2019 3:38:07 PM

IMG_8682A disc brake conversion on the 65-72 B-Body Mopar or 70-74 E-Body Mopar is a pretty simple procedure using our Legend Series. It is a very simple change of the spindle followed by the installation of the rotors and calipers which is great but some people want more. More comes from our Rallye Series of disc brake conversion kits.

Got Questions?  Speak With A Specialist Now!On most of the Mopar applications, a spindle change is the first step.  We include the spindle in the Rallye Series and is required due to the small spindle pin size on the factory drum brake spindle. (The exception to that is the 73-74 E-Body vehicles with OE disc brakes which have the proper spindle pin dimension.) The spindle change is a breeze as we include a high-quality forged spindle and include a new lower ball joint along with all necessary mounting hardware. This gets you to a solid foundation that we can now build up our Rallye Series Disc Brake Conversion Kit.

Rallye Series Disc Brake Conversion Kit.


At the heart of the Rallye Series conversion is our 4-piston billet aluminum caliper. From a design standpoint, the Rallye Series calipers are solidly mounted to the spindle and unlike the factory set-up, the calipers do not float in any way. This provides for equal apply pressure on the inside and outside surface of the brake rotor without any loss of efficiency like the factory calipers. The caliper is CNC machined using the latest in technology from 6061 billet aluminum. From there, the caliper is powdercoated with an attractive satin clear finish that produces a color that will match with any wheel and any vehicle color choice. Once the calipers are coated, they are then assembled using stainless steel pistons that are also CNC machined along with dual seals on each piston.

4-piston billet aluminum caliper

The dual seals provide for proper pressure sealing along with an outer seal that prevents any form of road debris from entering the piston bore.  The calipers house a full set of high-performance street brake pads that are guaranteed to bring your Mopar to a stop. The mounting of the caliper is done through a pair of CNC machined billet aluminum caliper mounting brackets also from 6061 aluminum. Once machined, the brackets are treated to a black anodizing process to make sure they stay looking good for years to come. All Grade 8 hardware is included for the attaching of the brackets and the calipers.


Rallye Series Rotor

For a rotor on the Rallye Series, we use an 11” vented rotor that gets a slotted and drilled pattern followed by a zinc wash. The slotting and drilling of the rotor aids in getting heat out of the rotor which improves braking efficiency while the zinc wash provides an attractive silver finish that will keep the rotor looking presentable for years down the road. Included in each rotor when it is received is a full set of premium wheel bearing already installed and pre-greased with a Redline Synthetic Wheel Bearing Grease which will save you from arguably one of the worst things in the world to do. Simply pull the rotors out of the box, find the driver or passenger side and install on the spindle. It can’t get much easier than that.


master cylinder and combination valve

Our Rallye Series systems are available as just the components at the front wheels or can be configured with the proper master cylinder and combination valve making up a manual system or with a booster and master combination and combination valve that will make up a power system. If a power system is desired, we have bolt-in fitments for cars originally equipped with manual brakes and those equipped from the factory with power brakes. On the originally equipped manual brake cars, we use a bracket assembly with a bellcrank to properly adjust the pedal ratio while also moving the booster upward in the engine compartment which does give the additional clearance should a Hemi be involved. If originally a power brake car, we have a booster that has a billet aluminum adapter plate that allows the booster to mount directly to the firewall and use the factory bolt pattern making the installation very simple.

Rallye Series disc brake conversion kit

The bottom line is our Rallye Series disc brake conversion kit will make for an outstanding brake upgrade but still allow you to utilize the stock 15” wheels.Master Power Brakes Expert

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