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Mustang Front Disc Brake Kit Comparison - Legend Series

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Jun 15, 2020 3:51:00 PM

Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit

We recently took a look at a Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit that was brought to us by a local customer and friend of Master Power Brakes. He was doing an install for a customer and the customer had brought parts to complete the installation. If you missed the comparison on the Power Booster Conversion System and would like to take a look before going any further, click here.

Master Power Brakes vs. Competitor

Anyways, we thought we would take the next step and show you what the Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit looked like. To be completely honest, the front brake conversion kit isn’t all that bad. We do still feel like our system is a better system but there’s isn’t horrible. Let’s take a look at a few of the differences and you can decide for yourself.

Brake Rotors

The first thing to notice is the actual rotors themselves. In the system that our friend had received to install, the rotors used are 0.810” thick with small windows in the center hat area. Our system includes a rotor that has a much stronger center hat along with a friction area that is much thicker at 0.947”. It may not seem like much but remember what a rotor does when braking. Its sole job is to convert motion into heat. The more rotor that is there and the thicker the center vein area is, the better that brake rotor can dissipate heat and therefore provide a better stopping scenario.

Rotor Comparison

Rotor Comparison (Competitor on the Left - Master Power on the Right)

Competitor Rotor Thickness

Thickness of The Competitor's Rotor


Thickness of Master Power Brakes Rotor

Hardware and Accessories

One additional thing we noticed in the system that relates to the front brake rotors is the inclusion of several different wheel bearings. There are two pair of inner wheel bearings and two pair of outer wheel bearings. We can only assume that they are selling the same brake system to fit all of the Mustang applications from 1964 all of the way up to 1973. When we build a brake system, we take the additional time to make sure that the proper bearings and races for the year in question are included and if the races must be changed, we do that before the customer gets any parts in his/her hands. That shouldn’t be something that a customer must figure out let alone do.

Competitor Hardware Bag

Competitor Hardware Bag

MP Brakes Hardware and Bearings

Master Power Brakes Hardware and Bearings

It doesn't make the kit any better once all of the parts are installed but who likes to dig through a bag of parts to find what they are looking for. A Master Power Brakes kit will come to you in a way that won't frustrate you right from the word go. We take the time to package the parts neatly and in a way that guarantees you are getting the proper hardware. 

Caliper Mounting Brackets

Past the brake rotors, one of the most glaringly different items is the actual caliper mounting brackets. While the cast iron brackets will work and would probably do everything asked of them but we feel there is a better way. Several years ago, we started manufacturing our own caliper mounting brackets from a solid chunk of 6061 Billet Aluminum. It starts out as a solid chunk and after several minutes with various tool heads, we have a part that is ready to receive a black anodized finish that will last for the life of the car. This is simply much nicer and more consistent than a raw cast iron piece.

Bracket Comparison

Bracket Comparison (Competitor on the Left - Master Power Brakes on the Right)

Backing Plates

One of things you will notice being different and actually missing from a Master Power Brakes kit are the backing plates. We don’t include them. Why might you ask? There are a  couple of reasons.

The first is with the change to a thicker brake rotor in our kit along with the combination of the machined aluminum caliper mounting bracket. The backing plates that are used by other companies are a direct OEM replacement that work with the thinner rotor and the cast iron bracket. Because of the necessary changes, it wouldn’t be wise.

The second reason is what ourselves and others have proven and seen when backing plates are present. They can actually decrease brake efficiency. Remember what happens when a brake rotor is spinning. It actually is pulling air from the center of the rotor and moving the air to the outside edge of the caliper for cooling purposes. If there is a backing plate present, the airflow from the center of the rotor can be blocked from getting that airflow. No airflow means lessened heat dissipation which means brakes that don’t function as well as they should.

At face value, everything else in the Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit seems to be satisfactory. We can’t speak to the quality of some of the parts without knowing their source and doing some testing. Regardless of that, we do know that the two systems will accomplish the same basic thing but one is going to take some of the aggravation out of the process. Just like the Power Brake Booster conversion, know what you are buying before you spend your money.


MPBrakes video - iMovie edit


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