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New Product Sneak Peek: Customizable Brake Master Cylinder

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Mar 31, 2021 4:29:00 PM

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Car parts aren’t always pretty. In fact, we would argue that most OEM brake components are the exact opposite of pretty. An ugly component can often ruin the look of a classic car restoration project or hot rod build.

Sure, the part may function just fine, but you find yourself wanting to hide the area under your hood instead of showing it off and being proud.

At Master Power Brakes, we’re constantly thinking of new ways to come up with good-looking products to go along with today’s high-end builds. 

Here’s a sneak peek of our new, customizable Brake Master Cylinder.

What Is a Brake Master Cylinder?

A brake master cylinder converts the force from your foot on the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure, which is distributed to each wheel and allows you to stop the car. This component is designed to last as long as the vehicle, but sometimes it needs to be rebuilt or replaced. 

In the past, the brake master cylinder has not been an attractive part, similar to brake boosters and their check valves. The look of this piece may not matter to your average driver who only pops the hood when they’re getting an oil change. But for classic car enthusiasts and hot rod builders, the appearance of the brake master cylinder is important.

What Kinds of Brake Master Cylinders Are Currently Available?

Hot-rod fans who are looking for a better-looking brake master cylinder will find there are options available in the aftermarket. However, many of the options are big and bulky with unnecessary ports on both sides, which makes them unattractive and difficult to work around. Plus, customization options are limited. Most master cylinders come in a standard color or finish with just one style of lid.

None of these issues make one brake master cylinder perform any better or worse than another. They all have the same purpose and functionality. However, classic car restorers and hot rod builders tend to search for parts that can perform and look pretty. That’s why Master Power Brakes decided to take a look at the master cylinder and why we created a new version of this very necessary part.

What’s Different About the New Brake Master Cylinder?

The best feature of the new Brake Master Cylinder from Master Power Brakes is customization! 

Bottom Ports

With our new Brake Master Cylinder, the ports come out the bottom instead of the side. You’ll be able to achieve a more streamlined look with your brake lines by having them go straight down rather than zig-zagging around the component. This feature also opens up the area around the brake master cylinder.

“If the lines come out the side, it becomes very challenging to make it look presentable,” Chichester said. “Which matters when you’re building a car where looks are important.”

Creative Control

Our component can be broken apart into three pieces. That means if you want each part of the brake master cylinder to have a different color or finish, you can now make that happen. Our flexible design allows you to build the look you want.

“A lot of creativity can be used to make something that looks different based on whatever you’re thinking for your vehicle,” said Mark Chichester, General Manager of Master Power Brakes.

Options for Lids

You will have multiple lid options with our new Brake Master Cylinder, starting with a choice between a screw-on lid or a flat-top lid. Whether you prefer the simplicity of a screw-on cap or you like the sleek look of the flat-top lid, you can have it either way. You’re not tied to a certain style because that’s the way the product was made.

“You can do either/or with ours,” Chichester said. “Whereas, with other companies, if you want a screw-on lid, you have to go to one company. If you want a flat-top lid, you have to go to another company. You don’t really have any options. We are starting with a couple of different options and will create additional options in time.”

close up brake master cylinder

Master Power Brakes’ Customizable Brake Master Cylinder 

Now you know more about the new, customizable Brake Master Cylinder from Master Power Brakes.

We know you’ll love this new product because there are so many options for customization. 

  • The part can be made up of three different colors or finishes. 
  • You can choose between two lid styles, with more variations coming in the future. 
  • The ports run out the bottom instead of the side, which makes your brake lines look sleeker.

Master Power Brakes is the leader in model-specific brake kits for classic cars. Check our new products in our online store!

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