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New Caliper Mounting Bracket Design Improves Brake System Performance for GM A, F, and X Body Models

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Jul 27, 2018 9:55:00 AM

For many years, Master Power Brakes (and every other company offering disc brake conversions) has simply used the General Motors thought process for converting drum brakes to disc brakes on the 64-72 GM A-body, 67-69 GM F-body and the 64-74 GM X-body vehicles. We aren’t saying what General Motors did was wrong, but we felt it was time to re-visit this system and approach it with a new line of thinking for our Legend Series.


What we came up with in our Legend Series is a system that re-uses your original drum spindles or can install on your existing disc spindles if you are looking to refresh or update. The original GM caliper mounting bracket was a stamped piece that attached to the spindle at the upper mounting hole along with a lower steering arm bolt.

This was fine but the bracket itself was a stamped piece, and over time the suppliers of this bracket have allowed things to deteriorate and are now the brackets are very inconsistent, allowing the caliper to set crooked over the rotor. This leads to poor brake pad contact against the rotor.New Call-to-action

So what have we done to get around that? We have developed a two-piece bracket that uses a CNC Machined T-6061 aluminum primary caliper mounting bracket along with a laser-cut secondary caliper mounting bracket. The primary bracket attaches to the lower steer arm holes, allowing this system to be used on either factory drum or disc brake spindles. From there, the secondary bracket attaches to the primary.

Spin Brac

Once the brackets are installed, the rotors and calipers install like normal. By using today’s more modern manufacturing techniques, we can offer a system that provides proper brake pad to rotor contact, which in turn creates the best possible braking solution for your classic car. Take a look at the pictures below for a little more clarification if needed.Got Questions?  Speak With A Specialist Now!

So if you are looking to upgrade your factory drum brakes and want the simplest but yet the best option for a disc brake conversion, our new Legend Series is the way to go. You get the ease of installation by not having to remove your spindles.
You get modern CNC machined aluminum brackets along with thick, laser cut steel brackets. And when coupled with the remaining parts to make your car a Manual or Power system, you get the best possible brakes you could ask for.
For a more detailed look at the new caliper mounting design check out the video below.  

Got Questions?  Speak With A Specialist Now! 

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