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Benefits of Proportioning Valve Bleeding Tool

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Mar 21, 2020 7:00:00 AM

The process of bleeding your brakes is necessary to ensure all air bubbles are removed from your brake system and that it’s functioning as efficiently as possible. While the task of bleeding the brakes can be messy and frustrating, we try to make it as easy as possible with our Tech Tips and custom tools designed specifically for this job. In addition to our syringe bleeder kit, we offer a proportioning valve centering tool, also referred to as a bleeder tool, to place in your combination valve prior to bleeding. Eliminate the problem of having to reset a proportioning valve by using our simple tool.

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Let’s do a quick overview of the brake-bleeding process, then we’ll let you know how you can make this job easier with the use of our proportioning valve centering tool.

How to Bleed Your Brakes

Bleed the Master Cylinder

We always recommend bleeding the master cylinder at the time of installation, prior to bleeding the rest of the system. Bench bleeding the master is much easier than bleeding it on the vehicle.  Here’s how we at Master Power Brakes suggest bleeding the master cylinder.

Bleed the Brake System

After the master cylinder has been bench bled and installed in the vehicle, you can bleed the rest of the system. We recommend the method that involves a partner to assist with pressing the brake pedal. We suggest bleeding the brakes by beginning with the wheel farthest from the master cylinder and going in sequence until you reach the wheel closest to the master cylinder.

Here’s our complete sequence for bleeding the brakes on your car.  

SIDEBAR: Try using our syringe bleeder kit to make bleeding your master cylinder clean and easy.

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Pro Tip: Bleeding Through the Combination Valve

When bleeding the brake system as outlined above, you’ll want to make sure to address the pressure differential switch on the combination valve. This switch notifies the driver of a loss of brake pressure in either the front or rear brakes. 

A common problem that occurs when bleeding the brakes is uneven pressure through the brake system. This causes the pressure differential valve to move to the front or rear and become uncentered. If the valve is no longer centered, the process of realigning it is extremely difficult and frustrating. 

To keep the valve from misaligning, simply replace the switch with the proportioning valve centering tool (bleeder tool) prior to the brake-bleeding process. This tool prevents the valve from moving. Once the brakes have been bled, simply replace the bleeder tool with the pressure differential switch. This simple tool will save you tons of time and headache.

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For a full run-down of how to use our bleeder tool, check out this video: 

It’s quite possible to bleed your brakes without misaligning the pressure differential valve; however, since the task of re-centering the valve is so complicated, we like to prevent the possibility of the valve moving at all. Our simple bleeder tool, which we also include in our combination valve kit, takes seconds to install and ensures a clean and efficient job, eliminating extra work.

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