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Ride of The Month: April 2019 - Danny

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Apr 25, 2019 3:04:57 PM

Last month we revived our Ride of the Month contest. The Ride of the Month is a friendly submission contest where you the customer send us a picture of your ride for a chance to win a prize and to have your ride featured in a blog post and on our social media platforms.New call-to-action

The winner for the April 2019 Ride of the Month is Danny from West Virginia and his 1955 Ford Crown Victoria. This car means the world to Danny and comes complete with our Master Power Brakes Legend Series Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit. 



When Sam was 19 he owned his very own 1956 Crown Victoria. Unfortunately for him that journey ended prematurely and it would take many more years before he would have get another one.

According to Danny, he started once again looking for a 56 Crown Victoria in 2008. It was during this time he discovered his 55 Crown Victoria and fell in love with it.  Like many of us Danny takes a lot of pride in his ride. He loves taking it to car shows and listening to peoples stories about how their father and grandfather had a car just like it. Apparently the car isn't just a hit with the men at these shows. According to Danny the car is well received by the ladies because of its color. The off white and pink color has even won the car several ladies choice awards.   

As with most classic car guys, Danny has even given his car a name. He has named the car Vicky!


Vehicle Specs:570b867a-02ba-4601-a838-4e85d79e4b92-upload_picture_2-E081A23C-39AD-4E04-92DD-5D6197217E4E

  • Master Power Brakes Legend Series Power Front Brakes
  • Exterior: Off White & Pink with Chrome Trim.
  • Interior: Off White and Pink



We hope you enjoyed this months Ride of the Month article. If you are interested in having your ride featured just like Sam, click on the link below.

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