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Tech Talk with Master Power Brakes

Adding A Power Brake Booster: Do I Have Power Brakes or Not?

Posted by mpbrakes1 on Oct 30, 2015 3:49:11 PM

I recently overheard an exchange taking place at a car show about whether or not you could make drum brakes into "power brakes."

"Aren't drum brakes always manual and disc brakes always power?" the one fellow asked.

"That's right, it's why they have disc brake conversion systems," a second fellow chimed in.

"Whoa - not so fast!" I said, as I stopped to jump into their discussion for a second.

On the one hand, you have brakes that have NO POWER ASSISTANCE TO THE PEDAL (we all call them manual brakes) and brakes with power assist making the pedal easier to depress (aka power brakes). A classic or hot rod car can have manual disc brakes or power assisted drums.

"I thought a power booster was required equipment with disc brakes," said one of my new buddies.

"No, is the short answer. Even though a power booster gives you a good pedal feel, manual disc brakes work fine," I explained.

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Converting to Power Assisted Brakes Part I:  Why Booster Size Matters

Posted by toby on Jun 25, 2015 10:49:41 AM

Converting from manual to power-assisted brakes is a major upgrade and one of the most common projects that we discuss with customers. Due to the different size requirements for brake boosters and master cylinders, you may need some help sorting out the available options to optimize your vehicle’s brake system performance. That’s where the tech pros here at Master Power Brakes really shine.

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The Classic Car Brake Booster Troubleshooting Guide and FAQ

Posted by toby on Nov 5, 2014 10:38:41 AM

The introduction of disc brakes made vintage cars from the late 60s and early 70s safer, but this technology created a new set of challenges for automotive engineers.   Although disc systems are less susceptible less susceptible to brake fade due to heat or water and they do not drift out of adjustment like older drum brake systems, they operate at high fluid pressures, and without a booster, more foot pressure is required to bring the car to a stop.  Put another way, the new technology created one more component to consider when upgrading your brakes—and another area to include in your diagnostic checklist when things go wrong.  If you are contemplating installing a brake booster or need to troubleshoot an existing booster system, check out the Brake Booster FAQ found in our website’s reference area.

Here are some common questions answered by our Brake Booster FAQ:

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Remote Mounted Brake Boosters: Vacuum Booster Solutions For Cramped Engine Compartments

Posted by toby on Jun 24, 2014 12:59:45 PM

A commonly heard complaint from people and in particular street rod builders is that they really want to enjoy the benefits of a vacuum booster. So you ask…………“What is the problem?” More often than not, the problem is simply a lack of space. Think about it, you have a street rod with the master cylinder mounted to the framerail under the car. Right next to the master cylinder is the exhaust system or some other barricade. Or you are building a musclecar with some massive engine in a car where a four-cylinder was tight. There is probably barely enough room to secure the master cylinder.

So what does a guy do? One option is a Remote Mounted Brake Booster. What is this you ask? Just like the name implies, a Remote Mounted Brake Booster is a power brake booster that typically mounts in the trunk of the vehicle.

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Booster Choice Helps Optimize Your Power Assist Brakes

Posted by toby on Jul 16, 2013 3:38:21 PM

Converting old, manual brakes to power-assisted brakes is such a significant upgrade in drivability - it makes sense that this is one of the most frequent purchases we see here at Master Power Brakes. Due to differences in sizing requirements for components like brake boosters and master cylinders, you may really need some help sorting out available options to optimize your brake components based on your vehicle. That's where the tech pros here at Master Power Brakes come in.

We recently had a question posed by a customer with a half-ton, 1968 Chevy C10. Old trucks have their own unique requirements for more stopping power.  When thinking about stopping a truck you need to realize that it’s not just the weight of vehicle, but there can also be cargo in the back.

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