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Tech Talk with Master Power Brakes

Use Your Emergency Brake! Here's Why.

Posted by mpbrakes1 on Jun 19, 2016 7:16:06 AM

In our classic cars, maintenance is something we all must do. Generally, that involves a Saturday morning where we jack the car up and grab a handful of tools to perform some form of a task on the car. Or it could be a bottle of polish followed by some elbow grease. Either way, the work usually involves effort and sweat. If you are driving a classic car that has a disc brake conversion on the rear using a single piston GM caliper, there is a maintenance item that you can do that doesn’t require any tools or sweat and very little effort! What am I talking about? We are going to get you into the habit of using the emergency brake and call it maintenance. This isn’t going to necessarily be every time you park - but more often than I bet you use it now. From our experience in the classic / hot rod industry, we have seen many cases where people almost never use their emergency brake. In fact, some folks don’t even have the emergency brake connected.

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Winterizing and Yearly Brake Maintenance

Posted by mpbrakes1 on Jan 7, 2016 7:26:33 AM

For some of us, we have been fortunate enough that we have been able to enjoy our classic cars much later in the year than normal. Others were forced to put them to bed quite some time ago. If you are one of the few that has enjoyed the fall and early winter months but are now looking to put the car away for a short period of time, you probably are still going to follow your traditional checklist for winterizing your vehicle. That will include a wash and wax, a fuel stabilizer for the fuel system, changing the oil and all of the other normal stuff.

We are here as a reminder to say…………don’t forget the brake system!!

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Spring Forward With Preventative Brake Maintenance

Posted by toby on Mar 19, 2015 4:10:41 PM

The snow is melting over much of the country, and spring is finally in the air.   If you have spent a long, hard winter dreaming about taking a spin in your classic car, the waiting is almost over.  The key to a successful first outing is preparation, and we have a plan to get you safely back out on the road where you belong.

We always recommend brake service as a part of your winterizing routine, but even seasoned car owners slack off now and then.  Some of the steps outlined below are not necessary if you performed them prior to storing your car for winter.  That said, if you fell into slacker mode last fall, you’ll want to follow each of these steps below to ensure safe operation of your vehicle.

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