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Can Pedal Ratio Be Causing My Hard Brake Pedal?

Posted by mpbrakes1 on Sep 16, 2015 7:41:00 AM

Properly operating brakes are essential for safety. One thing that would make your brakes UNSAFE is the inability to depress the pedal because it is way too stiff! Fortunately, if you know the right places to check, a hard brake pedal is something you might be able to troubleshoot and fix yourself. To help you out, let’s continue this 4-part series on diagnosing and solving issues of brakes that can’t be applied because the pedal is too stiff to compress!

Previously in this series, we addressed a hard brake caused by a tripped pressure differential valve, as well as insufficient vacuum pressure creating a too-hard brake pedal. Here in part three, we take up pedal ratio – essentially the relationship between your brake pedal length and where it pivots – an issue that comes to light with some regularity when drivers experience a hard brake.

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Topics: brake pedal ratio, Brake Troubleshooting, hard brake pedal, stiff brake pedal

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