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Use Your Emergency Brake! Here's Why.

Posted by mpbrakes1 on Jun 19, 2016 7:16:06 AM

In our classic cars, maintenance is something we all must do. Generally, that involves a Saturday morning where we jack the car up and grab a handful of tools to perform some form of a task on the car. Or it could be a bottle of polish followed by some elbow grease. Either way, the work usually involves effort and sweat. If you are driving a classic car that has a disc brake conversion on the rear using a single piston GM caliper, there is a maintenance item that you can do that doesn’t require any tools or sweat and very little effort! What am I talking about? We are going to get you into the habit of using the emergency brake and call it maintenance. This isn’t going to necessarily be every time you park - but more often than I bet you use it now. From our experience in the classic / hot rod industry, we have seen many cases where people almost never use their emergency brake. In fact, some folks don’t even have the emergency brake connected.

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