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Tech Talk with Master Power Brakes

Is a Master Cylinder Change Required in Drum to Disk Conversion?

Posted by mpbrakes1 on Mar 21, 2016 5:01:35 PM

We have been asked a number of times if there is such a thing as a manual disk brake conversion kit? The simple answer is yes. The power booster component almost exclusively affects how your brake pedal "feels" to you under foot.

In a situation where your classic car has multiple drivers, some of whom are used to the "foot feel" of power brakes - maybe they spend most of their time driving a newer car or light truck - a power-assisted brake pedal can makes it easier to go between vehicles.  The power booster allows you to maintain relative consistency with how much pressure to apply when stopping either of the two vehicles.

You DO NOT NEED to upgrade or convert to a power assisted apply system, however, when making the upgrade to disc from drum brakes. Recently, we got an email from a customer planning on making that drum to disc brake conversion but interested in sticking with a manual set-up.

"Dave" has a '66 GTO he uses as a daily driver and wanted the enhanced performance and stopping ability of disc brakes. But as the sole driver of the car, Dave was comfortable with the pedal effort the manual brakes currently required and wanted to keep that same level of brake feel.

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Single vs. Dual Reservoir Master Cylinders

Posted by toby on Apr 24, 2015 9:22:56 AM

When it comes to brakes, you need think of a complete system consisting of components working together to stop your vehicle.  As brake systems evolved from 4 wheel drum systems to rear drum/front disc combinations, the design of the various components making up the system changed in order to keep pace with the new technology.  One of the best examples of this is illustrated by the changes in master cylinder design.

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Master Cylinder FAQ’s For Classic Car Owners

Posted by toby on Jan 6, 2015 9:33:40 AM

The master cylinder is a critical component of your brake system.  Should a master cylinder fail, we have a safety problem that is even more compounded if you are driving a classic car with a single reservoir master cylinder. In addition to our own safety, we also endanger the drivers sharing the road with us.  This post offers a brief description of how the master cylinder works, explains why the unit may fail, and offers some answers to commonly asked questions. 

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Master Cylinder Bore Size Affects Pedal Travel Distance and Effort

Posted by toby on Jul 5, 2013 3:38:26 PM

Converting manual brakes to power-assisted brakes is a daily job here at Master Power Brakes. But we also have loads of manual brake enthusiasts and car collecting hobbyists among our customers. Whatever your preference, because components like brake boosters and master cylinders come in a variety of sizes and configurations, you may really need some help sorting out available options to optimize your brake components based on your vehicle. Tada! Enter the tech pros here at Master Power Brakes.

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