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Convert Drum Brakes To Disc - Video Learning Library

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Feb 11, 2016 7:18:25 AM

Let's face it, even the most mechanically minded among us sometimes struggles with written instructions for assembly. No matter how well written and illustrated instructions may be, it is just easier to learn how to install or adjust a car part by watching someone do it.

That's why we are building out a video learning library. Master Power Brakes offers you a number of videos to help demonstrate how easily our make, model, year optimized drum to disc brake conversion kits are to install.

MP Brakes Media Network

Most of our videos - like "Legend Series Disc Brake Kit on 62 Chevy Impala" demonstrate a typical disc brake installation. There are also some videos on the Master Power Brakes YouTube "channel"  that are strictly educational - like our "Combination Valve Video."  This video which is one of our most frequently viewed -  gives you an up close and inside look at the combination valve. From its functions to bleeding tool use, we explain the combination valve' use and importance as part of your car's braking system.

In addition to our own collection, a several of our dealers including CJ Pony Parts and Sacramento Mustang have created excellent videos. A quick YouTube search for "Master Power Brakes" gives you a great , curated collection of our videos and those created by dealers and hobbyists.

MP Brakes YouTube Channel

Now, keep in mind not every make model year vehicle has a specific video showing installation, but that's where YOU come in! We want your feedback on which cars you want to see added. Upcoming within the next few months, we will be adding a Corvette brake installation video and a Mopar drum to disc brake conversion video. Let us know what cars or trucks you want to see.

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