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Pro-Driver Complete Brake System Video

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Mar 30, 2017 10:43:27 AM

Thinking about upgrading your car’s braking system?  Check out MPB’s Pro-Driver video. This one-and-a half minute video gives you the complete back story on what makes Master Power Brakes’ Pro-Driver Series the ultimate stopping tool for your vehicle with 17” or larger wheels.

The video uses a cut-away wheel to let you clearly see how the calipers look mounted and all the advantages in upgrading your brake system to our Pro-Driver Series brake system!

Our Pro-Driver Series is specifically designed for the customer who wants the ultimate braking inside their 17" or larger wheels using American-Made components and a system that comes with bolt-on simplicity.  All of this is available for the most common GM, Ford and Mopar applications including some GM trucks.

The included four-piston caliper is CNC machined using the latest CNC technology from a block of 6061 billet aluminum. With the caliper halves assembled into one piece, the caliper goes through a process of receiving a brilliant clear powdercoat that allows the beauty of the aluminum to show through leaving a slick silver finish that will match anybody’s vehicle. It is then assembled using dual sealed stainless steel pistons that are installed into the caliper bodies staggered bores. The performance street brake pads are then installed which, if needed later, are readily available should you wear them out.

The hubs included in this kit are again CNC machined from aluminum and then coated with a black anodized finish. The premium bearings are then packed with a synthetic grease and then pre-installed in the hubs and ready to be installed on the spindles followed by the provided hardware and the billet aluminum grease cap. The hoses included with the kits are a braided stainless steel construction with all of the proper fittings included. All of the necessary mounting brackets that are included are a billet aluminum as well, black anodized and manufactured with the same CNC machines right here in the USA. The rotors included are 13” in diameter and have a cross-drilled and slotted surface along with a silver zinc finish that will prevent any of Mother Nature’s cruelties.

Every MPB brake system is designed for installation on your vehicle’s OE stock spindle - saving you money and time! Master Power Brakes goes a step further in offering our Pro-Driver kits in a complete power system or manual system with the correctly matched power booster/master and valve kit.

Whether you’re ready to upgrade now, or just have some questions after watching the video – give us a call at 1‑800‑381‑9772. We are always ready to help.

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