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Video Series: 1953-1962 Corvette Power Booster Kit Improved Design

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Aug 29, 2016 7:44:56 AM

There is always an ongoing effort here at MPB to make our products better. Better fit, better functionality, easier to install - you name it. Recently, we identified a product that we thought could be improved - our power booster / master cylinder assembly kit for 1953 to 1962 Corvettes.

These cars are not noted for having plenty of room under the hood. Previously, our booster/master combo featured a 7” single diaphragm booster which could only be paired with a 1” bore master cylinder. After 3D scanning a couple of cars and using technology not available to us when the previous version was created, we determined with a new design, we could make major improvements.

Our new unit features a much improved bracket and pedal ratio along with a much more aesthetically pleasing part in its look and finish. The bracket comes standard in a black e-coat finish with chrome available as an upgrade. With this new bracket, we are now able to pair it with a 7” dual diaphragm booster which allows more assist but also allows some flexibility in the ability to use either a 1” or 1-1/8” bore master cylinder. All of this fits neatly under the fender and more importantly, feels much better when mashing on the stop pedal.

Have questions or need to chat with a brake tech about fitment for your Corvette? Give us a call. We are happy to help you get the best brakes available for your vintage Vette.

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