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What Are the Differences Between Our Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Options?

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Nov 6, 2019 10:17:00 AM

Everyone likes options. Whether that be an option of a different color, a different size or a different price, options are a good thing. However, if you don’t understand the difference between the options you’re given, it can be a daunting task to pick which is best for you.

We love to give our customers options when they’re shopping for Front Disc Brake Conversion Kits. Since we know that understanding your alternatives is important in order to make the right decision, we’ve created this guide to help you compare and contrast our 3 different Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit options: the Legend Series and Legend Series HP, the Rallye Series and the Pro Driver Series.

Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit Options

To begin this comparison, we’re going to start by only focusing on the parts at the wheels.

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Legend Series and Legend Series HP

The Legend Series is sometimes referred to as our entry-level line while others refer to it as our least expensive option. For us, we refer to it as our most popular. The Legend Series is what Master Power Brakes was founded on.

The thought process behind its creation was to use readily available OEM components that were originally used on similar size and style of vehicles and adapt that over to fit on an original drum brake spindle. The majority of the rotors used on the front within this option are going to be between an 11” and a 12” depending on what fits the OEM drum brake spindle. The rotors are available in a plain finish in the standard Legends Series and a slotted and drilled version if someone were to choose the option of the Legends Series HP version.

For calipers, there are a few different calipers that are used in the Legend Series but unfortunately, there aren’t any options to the customer. We have chosen what works best for vehicle fitment, wheel packaging and overall requirements of the vehicle. In most instances, this is a single-piston caliper while some have been designed with a factory style of 4-piston caliper. Other components within the Legend Series are the brackets which are a combination of laser-cut steel parts or a CNC machined billet aluminum bracket. Much like the caliper, this all depends on the application. At the end of the day, the Legend Series is all about function and fitment and doing it at a price that won’t break the bank.

Rallye Series

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Our next available option for a front disc brake conversion kit is our Rallye Series. The Rallye Series basically takes everything thought from the Legend Series and improves upon it to make it even better from both a performance and a looks standpoint.

The major difference between the two systems is the Rallye Series comes with a caliper that not only performs but looks like a million bucks. We start with a couple pieces of 6061 aluminum and run it through the CNC machine to create a 4-piston caliper that is completely Made in the USA. Once it is all machined, we cover it with a clear powdercoat and then fill the internals with stainless steel pistons that have dual seals for both pressure and the elements.

The rotors are essentially the same OE produced pieces used in the Legend Series but come standard with a slotted, drilled and zinc wash that will increase performance and provide good looks for years to come. Holding everything together are CNC machined brackets in most of the kits and laser cut steel brackets in the others.

To further enhance the Rallye Series we include street performance brake pads along with stainless steel braided brake hoses and also include premium wheel bearings. Bottom line, the Rallye Series provides all of the performance of a big brake system but still allows that inside of most 15” wheels.

Pro Driver Series

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 3.12.04 PM

The last of our front disc brake conversion kits is the Pro Driver Series. The Pro Driver is by far our most premium offering but unfortunately won’t work in everyone’s application.

The reason it won’t work for everyone is simply due to the rotor size and therefore what is required in a wheel size. These systems require the use of at least a 17” wheel. All of the Pro Driver applications include a nicely sized 13” rotor that measures an 1-1/4” thick which gets treated to some time in the CNC machine getting a slotted and drilled treatment before receiving their zinc wash treatment. The rotors slide over a CNC machined billet 6061 aluminum hub that comes black hardcoat anodized and then gets premium wheel bearings that are pre-greased with a synthetic wheel bearing grease. For brackets in the Pro Driver Series, we use a CNC machined aluminum bracket similar to that in the Rallye Series that attaches to the spindle along with a secondary bracket that allows the mounting of the caliper via radial mount design.

That brings us to the caliper. Similar to the Rallye in that we have gone with a 4-piston design, the Pro Driver caliper adds size. That size allows the caliper bodies to be more rigidly cross bolted improving strength along with allowing a brake pad that has much more surface area to come in contact with the rotor. Larger rotors and more surface area of pad create more braking potential.

All of this makes for a system that not only looks the part of a big brake kit but also provides the expected performance as well.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 3.14.18 PM

As you can tell, Master Power Brakes loves options. We strive to provide our customers with a complete understanding of our sub-brands so that deciding to buy is an enjoyable process that you can be confident in. If you have any other questions, please feel free to click the button below or give us a call.

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