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What to Look for in a Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Apr 11, 2022 2:34:05 PM

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You’ve decided to go for it. After toying with the idea for quite a while, you’re now ready to convert your old manual drum brakes to a power disc brake system. And that begs the question:

How do I choose the best power disc brake conversion kit?

There’s no right or wrong answer, but your choice is dependent on a few things: your budget, your experience level, and how easy you want the job to be. 


Pre-Assembled Kits vs. Unassembled Kits

The main differentiator in those three factors is whether you choose a power brakes kit that is pre-assembled or unassembled. 

We’ll take a look at the kit components and show you the difference between the two so you know what to look for. 


WATCH: What’s in a Pre-Assembled Brake Conversion Kit vs Unassembled Kit?


Pre-Assembled Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit 

With a pre-assembled kit, much of the prep work has been done for you, saving you time and potential frustration. 

If you’re looking to eliminate a lot of the guesswork surrounding component assembly, a pre-assembled kit is the way to go. 

A pre-assembled kit means:

  1. The booster-master conversion is assembled
  2. The pin depth is set
  3. The push rod is cut to length
  4. The kit is essentially “plug and play” – ready for you to install with the provided instructions 

Unassembled Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit

With an unassembled kit, all of the groundwork is left up to you. Most of these kits toss the components into a box with no prep work whatsoever, requiring you to cut, set, and assemble each piece prior to installation. 

We took a look at an unassembled kit from another brand and did a comparison to show you the difference. 

WATCH: Master Power Kit Components vs Our Competitors?


In this unassembled kit:

  1. The brackets are not installed on the booster

  2. The master cylinder is not installed

  3. The pin depth is not set

  4. The push rod on the back of the booster needs cut to length

  5. The hardware is all tossed together in a bag 

  6. NO instructions included 


Why is the Master Power Brakes Kit More Expensive Than Others? 

The old adage ‘you get what you pay for’ always rings true. With our kits, you are guaranteed a quality product (more on that later) that we’ve made as easy as possible for you to get right.  

With a Master Power Brakes Kit, you are essentially paying for someone to take you from A to B.

A: A box of parts with a bag of hardware

  1.                         B: Assembled components that are pre-set and cut to length

The pre-assembled components of a Master Power Brakes Conversion Kit include the installed booster-master-brackets, 2 push rods, vacuum hoses, syringe bleeder tool, plus detailed installation instructions. 

Legend Series Rear Disc Brake Conversion Kit for Large Bearing Flange

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Our Legend Series Rear Disc Brake Conversion components include:

  1. Late Model Single Piston Caliper with Integral Park Brake and Silver Zinc Finish

  2. High Quality Ceramic Brake Pads

  3. 11-inch Vented Rotors

  4. CNC Machined Billet Aluminum Primary Caliper Mounting Brackets with Black Anodized Finish

  5. Secondary Caliper Mounting Brackets with Gold Zinc Finish

  6. Grade 8 Mounting Hardware

  7. Rubber Brake Hoses with Mounting Hardware

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Master Power Brakes Kit Components vs Other Brands

Remember we mentioned that we only put out the best quality parts? That’s a main difference in what sets us apart from other kits. 

A quick comparison with our competitor’s brand shows these main differences:


Other Brand: .80” thick. 

MPB: .95”  thick. That’s a full 1/8” thicker thanour competitor. A thicker rotor means more heat dissipation and air flow, resulting in better stopping power. 

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Other Brand: A bag with all hardware components tossed in together. 

MPB: Pre-packaged components with hardware already cut and set. 


Caliper Mounting Bracket

Other Brand: Cast iron

MPB: Black anodized aluminum. Holds finish better, longer. Prevents rust. Repeatable manufacturing process ensures consistency among products. 


Choosing Your Power Brake Conversion Kit 

What kit you ultimately choose will come down to your budget, available time, and how easy you want the installation job to be. 

For the fastest and easiest way, pay a little bit more for a pre-assembled power brake conversion kit. 

If you have the time and know-how and you’d rather save money on the kit, go for the unassembled version. 


As always, if you have any questions about one of our kits (or any kit), drop us a line!

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