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What's In A Kit? Standard vs HP Legend Series Kits.

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Jun 28, 2019 4:34:48 PM

When it comes to our Legend Series Disc Brake Conversion Kits, we offer two different variations for you the customer. There is our standard Legend Series option and then also an HP option of the same kit. Knowing which one of these options is right for you can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. That's why in this article we will break down the key differences between our standard Legend Series kits and our Legend Series HP kits in order to help you figure out what option is best for your application.

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Let's begin the discussion by looking at what makes up a Legend Series Disc conversion kit. A system will obviously include all of the necessary bearings, seals, hardware, calipers and brackets. The components such as the rotors, pads, and hoses are what we will be focusing on as those are what change between the standard system and the HP systems. in the standard Legend Series systems, you will receive a plain rotor, conventional semi-metallic brake pads and tried and true rubber brake hoses. When upgrading to the HP system, we change the rotors to a slotted, drilled and zinc-washed rotor, Hawk Hi-Performance Street Brake Pads along with stainless steel braided brake hoses.

StandHPRotorLet's look at the brake rotors first. In our Legend Series HP systems, we swap out the standard plain finish brake rotor for a slotted and drilled brake rotor that has been treated to a zinc wash. Many people see the slotted and drilled option and figure that it's been designed for racing and won't give it a second thought. Many customers at first usually even say that they 'aren't building a race car'. Slotted and drilled rotors probably work best on a performance application but the benefits can also be seen on a street application. Since we know that braking is the act of turning motion into heat through the pads squeezing the brake rotor, anything that can be done to improve the process of getting the heat dissipated from the rotor will do nothing but benefit the braking performance. This can come in handy when in heavy breaking situations like traffic. The zinc wash is where most people with street applications find the most benefit. Most of us are proud of our classic cars and how they look and nobody likes to look through a freshly cleaned and polished wheel to see a rusty brake rotor. the zinc wash process bathes the entire rotor in a zinc solution that protects the rotor from mother nature's elements and keeps the rotor in an attractive state for many years after the initial installation.

Rubber-BraidedThe second major difference between our standard legend series kit and our Legend Series HP kit is the brake hose that connects between the vehicle hard line plumbing  and the brake caliper. While our standard rubber hose is fantastic and is in itself an industry standard we have switched it out in our HP kits for a braided stainless steel brake hose. One of the biggest benefits to our braided hose is that it is very flexible. Unlike a standard rubber hose that can limit where and how it's placed, our braided hose allows for a great deal of flexibility. It is also very durable and can handle higher pressures. Where as a standard rubber brake hose might expand and fracture the braided hose in the HP kit has been designed to prevent that. The overall benefit to this hose is it can provide a more reliable brake pedal and withstand a lot more wear and tear.

HAWK HPSThe last major difference between our standard and HP legend series kits is the brake pads themselves. While there is nothing wrong with a standard metallic brake pad, sometimes they just aren't enough or we just want more. Standard metallic brake pads can wear quicker and their bite in some situations isn't optimal. That's why in each legend series HP kit we include a set of Hawk HPS Hi-Performance Street Brake Pads. These pads offer a lot more in the way of stopping power simply through the difference in compounds and a higher co-efficient of friction. Through these two items, they will contribute to brakes that are 20-40% better in total braking power. This all happens with less noise and very little brake dust when compared to other options.

Now that you know the differences between our standard and Legend Series HP kits, we hope you have enough information to make the choice that is best for you. If you don't feel like all of the upgrades found in the HP upgrade are right for you, we can make some tweaks to our standard Legend Series Kits to get you exactly what you want. simply give us a call toll free at (888) 351-8781 and speak to one of our brake experts. They are always here to help find the solution that works best for you. 

For an additional look at some of the differences between our Standard and HP legend series disc brake conversion kits check out the video below.



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