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Which Brake Kit Do I Need? Legend, Rallye, or Pro Driver?

Posted by Master Power Brakes Team on Oct 6, 2021 1:54:00 PM

rallye brake kit

You’ve made up your mind. 

One of your next classic car upgrades is going to be a brake conversion. But you’re not sure which system is right for your ride. 

Here’s an overview of our Legend, Rallye, and Pro Driver brake kits and how to choose the best series for your hot rod.

What Is the Legend Series?

Improve the reliability and performance of your brakes by upgrading from drum to disc with one of the several variations of the Legend Series.

Legend Series

This cost-effective update to your classic car is a complete brake system that includes OEM-style cast-iron calipers and vented rotors. Components include plain rotors, high-quality ceramic brake pads, and rubber hoses. 

Legend Series HP

Get the benefits of the standard Legend Series system and make them just a tad bit better. Legend Series HP includes the standard cost-effective features of the original series plus slotted and drilled rotors, braided stainless steel hoses, and high-quality ceramic brake pads.

Legend Series HP Plus

Enjoy some upgrades with our Legend Series HP Plus for the rear on most applications. These kits come standard with a 13” slotted and drilled rotor with a zinc wash and utilize the same caliper in our standard Legend Series rear kits.

The increased rotor size does require a slightly bigger wheel size,  17” minimum. However, you get the benefit of braking with a larger rotor. All kits include stainless steel braided hoses and high-quality ceramic brake pads. 

Legend Series Version 2.0

Take the original series a step further with our Legend Series Version 2.0. It uses a two-piece rotor that consists of a billet aluminum hub with a directionally veined rotor. 

The two-piece rotor design allows you to keep track width correct. That’s something you can’t do with a conventional rotor. An additional benefit is the reduced rotating weight of an aluminum hub.

Rallye Series Front Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit

What Is the Rallye Series?

Get considerable braking power that works within a 15” wheel with our Rallye Series. This kit has high-quality, made-in-the-USA 4-piston billet aluminum calipers. You get the necessary mounting brackets and the added benefits of slotted and drilled rotors and braided stainless steel hoses. 

We even include performance street brake pads to provide that last little bit of extra stopping power. This series is available for most GM, Ford, and Mopar applications.

Pro Driver Front Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit

What Is the Pro Driver Series?

Get looks and performance with our Pro Driver Series. We engineered this kit to work with 17” and larger wheels. It uses larger, made-in-the-USA 4-piston billet aluminum calipers along with 13” cross-drilled and slotted rotors. 

All of the brackets and hubs are machined T-6061 billet aluminum for increased strength and durability. Like the Rallye Series, the Pro Driver Series includes braided stainless steel hoses and performance street brake pads.

Which Factors Determine What Brake Kit I Get?

Now you know a little more about each brake kit. So ask yourself a few questions to narrow down which system is right for your classic car.

Wheel Size

Start with your wheel size. If you have 18-inch wheels, any series works. If you have 15-inch wheels, your choices become the Legend and Rallye kits.

Driving Habits

If you go out once a week for a leisurely Sunday drive, the Legend kit works fine. If you drive a bit more aggressively, the Pro Driver or Rallye kit is a better fit.


If you’re on a budget, the Legend kit is your most cost-effective choice. However, if you’re not worried about money, the Pro Driver and Rallye kits offer more benefits.


Take into consideration the upgrades that you’ve already made to the car. If you’ve installed aftermarket parts, your options may be limited.

Choosing the Legend, Pro Driver, or Rallye Series

Now you know how to choose a brake kit from Master Power Brakes’ Legend, Pro Driver, or Rallye Series. 

Once you examine your wheel size, driving habits, budget, and modifications, you can decide which system is right for you.

Our experts would be happy to help you figure out which brake kit is best for your classic car. Contact us today to get started.

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